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10 Session Pre & Post Natal Massage


Benefits of postpartum massages:

  • Muscle relaxation & Pain relief.
  • Decreased swelling.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Fewer stretch marks.
  • Improving muscle tone in order to tuck mommy’s tummy back in.
  • Stimulate breastmilk supply. They helps relieve clogged milk-ducts & make breastfeeding less painful.
  • Postpartum massages speed up recovery in case of a C-section.
  • Massages can help mommies deal with postpartum blues by relaxing their body & mind.


Home visit massage service provided by Joyous Mummy Care (JMC).

  • Full Spa set up with music & Towel provided
  • Professionally Trained Therapist
  • Premium and safe baby oil & Mummy oil
  • Each session is 90 mins.

Items included:

  • Massage bed
  • Premium Essential Oil
  • Towel
  • Binder
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