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Jul 10, 2023

Benefits Of Having A Confinement Nanny

You might have heard friends and family members whom have hired a very good confinement nanny would swear by having one whenever they see anyone getting pregnant.

To them likely have nothing but positive things to say about their nannies and the benefits of having one. It is definitely not one but many not explored benefits not just for first time parents.

Let’s explore what are some key benefits of a having a confinement lady

Good recovery period during confinement:

Knowing your baby in the hands of a trusted and well-trained confinement lady, you know your body deserves a good night rest. Having proper rest, will aid your body to recover and for your mental wellness, it also gives you will have time to regain your strength and embark into motherhood journey.

Day & Night care for your baby

To have good recovery, nanny’s priority during the first two weeks of confinement should be prioritised with rest, stimulation production of breastmilk and spend lots of time bonding for you with your baby.

One of the main jobs of a confinement lady is to help you take care of your little buddle of joy. Their duties include washing the baby, putting the baby to bed and most importantly feeding the baby. As you do not want to put your new born baby in the hands of someone you do not trust or is not qualified enough, without worrying that your nanny might not turn up at your door they day you and your baby comes home, you should consider thoroughly through the pros and cons of hiring a confinement nanny through a licensed confinement nanny agency or freelance nanny through friends’ or family’s recommendation.

Caring for the mother

Confinement ladies do not just look after your baby, they are also there to take care of the mother. As a mother, you will need time for your body to heal and focus on the embarkment of motherhood journey. A good confinement lady is there to supporting you through your breastfeeding journey, sharing of valuable and practical parental knowledge to you.

Basic Household Chores

Even though the confinement nanny’s main duty is to care after you and your baby, most of them are offering additional help they could to ease your stress during confinement. Simple household chores includes laundry for you and your husband, simple wipe down of the kitchen after cooking meals, or general household chores like sweeping and mopping the floor. However, you should always communicate openly with your confinement nanny instead of making any assumptions.

Confinement ladies can cook food for mothers and the family.

Often you hear that confinement nannies are trained in cooking special confinement dishes with lots of herbal and ginger for mothers to help them regain their strength and recover quicker. Our confinement nannies are well equipped with TCM knowledge and knows the different herbal functions for your better recovery.

Confinement ladies can give mothers attention and emotional support

It is not easy to handle a new born baby, and juggle between hormones and body changes. Sometimes faced with challenges from breastfeeding, having a confinement nanny is like having a mentor or friend to talk to, helps to reduce post-partum depression

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