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In TCM, there is a saying where the physique of the mother depends very much on the quality of her confinement care. If she receives good confinement care after delivery, even if she is not at the pink of her health before or during pregnancy, her constitution can be improved. However the reverse is also true – if her confinement care is not of good quality, her health tends to deteriorate thereafter.

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Hear what our mummies say

Don’t just listen to what we say, hear from our mummies who engaged our services first hand!

Jasmine Zeng

“Thank you very much Aunty 美琪 ! Grateful for your meticulous care to our baby Jaime, yummy and nutritious food for our family and many useful advice you have given us! ???”

Hazel Ong

“We would like to thank Auntie Jenny for taking care of us during our confinement. Auntie Jenny is very friendly and experienced. She is patient and attentive towards our baby. She is flexible to our requests and would share baby care tips with us. She is a great cook too! Thank you Baby's Whisperer Private Limited for assigning Auntie Jenny to us on such short notice (especially during COVID period). ”

Shermaine Goh

“Thank you Aunty Geok Choo for taking care of our baby so well, being so sincerely loving and caring towards her, and also making yummy yummy food to nourish me daily! (I asked for her signature French toast every morning) Thank you for your tireless service and making my confinement restful and recuperative 😊😊”

Shirley Kwek

“Hey Baby Whisperer! Dropping by to give my true review on Nanny Fenny as she is a truly wonderful nanny ❤ She has made our lives so much easier. She's very delicate and genuinely cares for our baby and the whole family including our furkid like her own. She also cooks really delicious and nutritious meals too! Our 4yo daughter loves her 酱油鸡 so much that Nanny Fenny cooks it just for her almost everytime. She obviously feeds our baby so well because Emalee has gain 1.6kg in a span of 28 days 😆 She's really great and taught us many valuable techniques on how to care for our baby. It has been such a great experience overall, I was already tearing when the thought of her leaving tomorrow, she made my confinement journey really enjoyable. Cant put into words on how blessed we are to have such a wonderful nanny. No regrets 👍 Nanny Fenny, 很幸运遇到你。感激你这28天的照顾和教导。祝贺您一切顺顺利利! 要保佑哦 🥰”

Elle Li

“I would like to thank Auntie Chun Thai for taking care of my baby and me during my confinement period. She is diligent and displays a positive working attitude. She is also attentive and caring towards my newborn. I would also like to praise her for her wonderful cooking skills. She tends to cook a variety of yummy dishes and ensure it a balanced and healthy meal (usually with one soup, one meat/fish and one vegetable dish). We are very happy with her service and professionalism.”

Wendy Lim

“We would like to thank Aunty Joyce for taking great care of LO and myself during my confinement. She is experienced and was caring towards baby. She's willing to listen and was receptive to our preferences too. Thanks to her, hubby and I could have as much rest as possible. As a ftm, I'm also thankful that she's supportive towards breastfeeding. We will definitely recommend aunty Joyce to other mummies.”

Ee Nuji

“I very happy with Aunty Shirley service and would like to thank her for taking good care of me and my baby very well. She is very experience in baby crying cue and calm in handling all situations. She is supportive in my decision for direct latching, knowing that will leave me more exhausted at night she helped to train the baby feeding on regular basis so that I can rest better n longer in between feeds. She is very easy going and motherly. She took care of me like a daughter and also helped me to take care of my elder one when I’m occupied. I’m a vegetarian and I don’t fancy mock meat. She managed to work around with the available natural ingredients and her cooking is homely yet she was creative in her cooking at times based on the ingredients available. There were some unhappy moments due to my in law expectations and I feel sorry for Aunty Shirley. She choose to endure knowing that I’ll be sandwich in between if things turn bad and I’m greatful for that. 🙏🏼”

Wei Lih

“Thanks Auntie Fenny for taking good care of my baby and whipping up a variety of delicious dishes for our meals and making my confinememt a breeze!”

Yuri Yano

“Auntie Jenny came to my house on the day I was discharged from hospital. Since then, she has worked very well and been big help of us. I could not feed breastmilk for baby at first, but she has assisted much to cook meals good for breastmilk and whatever I want incl western food and Chinese food etc. First son goes to kindergarten during the day and papa works from home so she everyday makes meals for family as per our schedule. And she cleans the kitchen after cooking every time. She takes care of my baby all day and gives milk while mama taking naps and also during night time so I can rest well. She also helps to put my baby in the bath. One day when baby's umbilical cord came off too early and needed care, she immediately notified us and went to clinic to have consultation. She recommended baby lotions and shampoos when my baby had a rash or dandruff on the scalp. She talks to my older kid a lot and my kid also likes her. I miss her actually. Overall, she did outstanding work and I would like to ask Jenny if I have another baby.”

Ying Han

“Want to say a big thanks to Auntie Amy for taking such good care of me and my baby. She’s responsible and dedicated to her job. She make sure I have enough rest and recover well. She shared many wonderful tips with us. As first time parents, there was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. However, she helped us to transit to this new role with ease. She’s very patient in taking care of our baby despite the lack of sleep while doing the night feed. She is also a great cook, we always look forward to meal times where we are pampered with a variety of delicious dishes.”

Shirlene Low

“We are very grateful to have aunty Shirley Ng taking such good care of our baby girl and us. As a first time parents, we are clueless and will get very “kan cheong” (nervous and uptight) easily. aunty Shirley is very professional, knowledgeable and she handles every situation calmly and thus ease all our worries. We are also thankful to Baby’s Whisperer for assigning such a great nanny to us!”

Matthew Low

“I'm really thankful to have auntie yuki as our confinement nanny for the past 28days. She took good care of the our baby and my wife and cook wonderful dishes for us. Not forgetting those small little tips she gave on taking care of our baby. ❤️ Tks Baby's Whisperer Private Limited!”

Phoebe Ho

“Auntie Fen has been a great help for our confinement. A fantastic chef able to whip up all kinds of tasty confinement meals for me and my husband. As this is our first baby, she also taught us many things to look out for when caring for an infant. Thanks Auntie Fen for looking after baby Aurora round the clock, while ensuring that meals are always on time and baby's well-being is always looked after!”


“It has been our privilege to have Aunty Cindy care for Elliot for a month and a half. Her easy-going demeanour and wonderful personality made the time spent with her a very joyful one. She was great with the baby and made sure that I had sufficient rest, and was very accommodating towards my personal preferences. Time with her flew by so quickly and I have only fond memories to remember her by, including the many long chats we had. Elliot has developed quite a fair bit in such a short span of time and we only have Aunty Cindy to thank for this. A big thank you to Terry, who is familiar with our preferences (this being the second time we have approached Baby’s Whisperer) and who is someone we can definitely count on. Merci beaucoup!”

Vinny Huang

“Thank you very much Aunty 美琪 ! Grateful for your meticulous care to our baby Jaime, yummy and nutritious food for our family and many useful advice you have given us! ???”

‎Tan Yi Rou‎

“Auntie Michelle was assigned to me and I felt so blessed. Highly recommended her. She very patient and attentive towards baby. Took good care of me and baby. 👍 Taught us quite alot of things also. Will definately engage her if I have my 2nd one..”

Wei Ling

“As a confinement nanny from Baby Whisperer, Aunty Shirley certain lives up and embodies the company's name well - she is definitely a baby whisperer for my baby, understanding her needs/cries and thus able to take care of her most efficiently and professionally. With the newborn's needs being looked after, it is a huge load off my mind, and thus I can settle into my confinement period, in which Aunty Shirley also customizes, such as brewing soups and drinks that can boost up my breastmilk supply. Friendly yet motherly at the same time, Aunty Shirley is a tremendous help to me, and I would definitely recommend her to other mothers, especially first-time-mums. Thank you, Baby Whisperer, in sending Aunty Shirley to me!”

Serene Chai

“Aunty Jenny took good care of my baby, Jonas and I during my confinement. Throughout the six weeks, she worked tirelessly to ensure that Jonas was well fed, changed his diapers promptly, cleaned him thoroughly and patiently pulled him to sleep. I appreciate that she took the initiative to wash my pump parts and Jonas’ milk bottles all the time without having me to ask her. In addition, she cooked an assortment of delicious food for my family and me to enjoy. Thank you Aunty Jenny for making me feel pampered and giving me a peace of mind to focus on my rest and recovery during confinement. You’ve been a great help to us! :)”

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