Confinement Nanny Services

24 hours

Baby Care

Delicate care to both mother and newborn

Brewing of

TCM Herbs

Daily freshly brewed red dates tea and herbal tonic soup

Simple Household Chores

Sweeping and Mopping of floors (up to twice a week)



Confinement Nanny will guide you along on the breastfeeding techniques

Preparation of

Confinement Food

Cooking nutritious and delicious confinement food for new mother

Laundry for

Mother & Baby

Washing of baby's and mother's clothings

Work Permit Application

Assist the application of your confinement nanny's work permit



To ensure freshness and quality of food, confinement nanny would assist in grocery shopping

Preparation of Confinement Bath

Specially brewed confinement shower with herbs

Baby's Whisperer 2018

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