Confinement Herbs

At Baby's Whisperer, we partner with a license Traditional Chinese Medication Hall with almost 60 years of history. 


Our partnership provides freshly hand picked pre-packed Confinement Herbs Purchase Service to our clients.


This value added service is aimed to supply premium quality confinement herbs with reasonable price to our clients. This will free our valuable clients from the hassle of sourcing for the right herbs to purchase and in return saving a lot of their precious time.


Our promise is to never compromise on the quality of herbs supply as our clients deserved the best health nourishment derived from the tonics prepared with these herbs eventually.

These 28 days pre-packed confinement herbs includes:

28 days pre-packed confinement herbal soups

28 days pre-packed red dates tea

28 days confinement herbal shower

14 days of jaundice shower for baby

These herbs are suitable for breastfeeding and new mums who undergo natural delivery or C-section. 

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