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Your Trustable Confinement Partner


We specialised in providing quality confinement nannies to post-natal mothers. Our confinement nannies are the modern confinement nannies who are equipped with on average more than 5 to 7-years of skills and experiences in baby care.

As such, they are excellent in doing both traditional and modern confinement practices for post-natal moms and caring for newborns. We are a Pro-Breastfeeding Confinement Agency. During training, our confinement nannies are taught how to advise on the various breast-feeding methods to the new mothers. These includes on proper latching methods as well as various breastfeeding positions.



Strict Selection Process


Our strict selection of confinement ladies are also based on those with good attitudes, high level of hygiene, good knowledge on confinement diets and given the approval by mothers like you, who would gladly employ their services again.

We strongly believe in providing good quality nannies services to our clients and always listening to our client’s needs and requirements so we match nannies exclusively according to client’s requirements. We have included a Free Replacement Policy so to put our clients in the peace of mind while a nanny replacement is required under unforeseen circumstances.




Qualified Confinement Nannies


All our confinement nannies must have a valid work permit to work in Singapore under Singapore’s law and regulations.

All our nannies are selected based on good working record, reference checks and good attitude. We do not tolerate nannies with bad attitudes hence our nannies need to comply with our company strict rules. We have sieve through the confinement nanny industry and keeps a list of blacklisted confinement nannies throughout the confinement industry and will never use them for our clients.



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